Restaurant Insurance

Great Insurance Options for Restaurants

Every restaurant is unique. Therefore, the insurance program protecting each establishment should be unique, too.

We can identify exactly what your assets and exposures are. We do this with a visit to your business and a detailed conversation you.

Some exposures are easy to spot; however, others take time and attention. For example, how does one quantify the potential loss due to an interruption of business, and how is that information properly related to the coverage provided by the insurance policy? If outside power fails, what damage can that cause and to what extent can that potential financial loss be protected? Is you food covered for spoilage? Do you have adequate protection in the event of a liquor liability claim? Are you properly protected from a claim arising from a delivery of food? These are just a few of the questions our insurance experts are trained to ask.

We perform a specialized review, just for restaurants, to make sure that we do a thorough job of uncovering all of the exposures so your business is protected properly.
Through Our Unique Programs, We Provide:

  • The best possible cost/coverage combination for your
  • restaurant’s property and casualty insurance needs.
  • Experienced staff who understand the challenges of running a restaurant and the
  • coverages needed to protect your business.
  • Outstanding service geared to deliver results without delay.
  • A customized insurance program to meet your specific assets and exposures,
  • at a price you can afford.

Coverage Includes:

  • Commercial general liability Insurance
  • Worker’s compensation Insurance
  • Liquor liability Insurance
  • Loss of income Insurance
  • Food spoilage Insurance
  • Business interruption Insurance
  • Boiler & machinery Insurance
  • Excess liability Insurance
  • Special Form coverage

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