Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance or Excess Liability Insurance

The rising costs of lawsuits and judgments are important for today’s business owner to consider. Catastrophic liability losses can happen to any business, at any time. The time and effort you have taken to build your business is too important for it to disappear after one unforeseen event.

It seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to legal settlements. The number of lawsuits filed against companies and the size of the settlements are on the rise.

Chances are the amount of liability protection from your general liability insurance, commercial auto insurance and employer’s liability policy may not provide enough financial protection. This can leave your business open to risk and make your assets vulnerable.

Our Commercial Umbrella Insurance programs can help you protect your assets by providing liability limits above and beyond your other policies. In some cases, it even broadens your protection. Give your business the coverage it needs with a commercial umbrella insurance policy from the Albert Palancia Insurance Agency.

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