Bars, Taverns And Nightclub Insurance

Great Insurance Options For Bars, Taverns And Nightclubs

In today’s highly competitive business environment you need every advantage to succeed. That’s especially true when it comes to selecting your business insurance. Bars, Taverns and nightclubs are unique and should not be insured like other businesses. In order to meet these specific needs, we have created a special restaurant package that broadens and increases coverage where bars, taverns and nightclubs need it most.

While most business share some common insurance needs, when you run a bar or a tavern, you face risks that are unique. The Albert Palancia Insurance Agency serves the Bar, Tavern and Nightclub industry with coverage that can address all the essential commercial insurance needs you have while also including coverage not found in a standard business owner’s policy.

Business Property Insurance

Your business property goes beyond your building and contents. Our specialized bars and taverns insurance may also cover business interruption, food spoilage, sewer and drain backup, lost business income due to utility failure, equipment breakdown, signage, employee crime, high-value art, and more.

Our Business Owners Policy for bars and taverns covers common perils, including fire, vandalism, storm damage and broken pipes. It may also cover, or give the option to cover, flood, sprinkler leakage, and the extra expenses associated with a business shutdown due to a covered loss.

Liability Insurance

A business owners policy for bar and tavern owners will cover your general liability exposures, and it may provide damage you do to leased property, liquor liability, and some pollution liability among others.

Other Important Considerations

Businesses that accept cash should get insurance that covers money and securities, and bars/taverns that keep wine collections definitely should look into a policy that specifically addresses that stock. Breakage, spoilage and other damage can lead to heavy losses to the business without sufficient insurance.

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